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Episode 9 – Anime or Manga ft. @Inderbirdhillon

Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 9! Paul, Nate and Tim have their good friend Dhillon on to talk all about Anime and Manga adaptations and how they affect each other and what a good and bad adaptation may look like! On the topic of news, we also take a dive into the new Crunchyroll subscription tiers to figure out which one is the best for you and your friends before talking about Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma Anime announcement and the reveal for Burn the Witch! 

We’re still starting this episode by switching up the regular format just a bit and have the topic discussion up front for you all. We break down what we think defines a proper adaptation or one that is faithful to the writers vision! We talk about changes like adding conversations or additional dialogue to progress the story that allows the reader or viewer to have better context or even adding story elements that weren’t present before that fit within the world and how those things can hinder shows when done badly as well. 

Thanks for taking this journey with us!  

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