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Episode 8 – What Makes A Good Supporting Cast

Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 8! Paul, Nate and Tim break down what they think makes a great supporting cast! Before they get into it they talk about some interesting news about Phantasy Star Online 2, AT&T selling Crunchyroll, Noblesse and the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs newest project! After breaking down what they think makes for a good supporting cast, they spend some time recapping and discussing God of Highschool, Re:Zero and Rent-A-Girlfriend!

This week, we received news that the Noblesse cast and trailer were available in prep for the October release, as well as the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs newest Animator training project along with some other interesting news!

We start this episode by switching up the regular format just a bit and have the topic discussion up front for you all. We break down what we think defines a good starting cast and bring up examples of shows that we think fall on one side of the coin or the other! After that we get into a quick rundown of three of our favorites this season, God of Highschool, Rent-A-Girlfriend and Re:Zero before Nate wraps it up with a brand new light novel title!


News 00:01:14

Patreon Discussion 00:13:42

Discussion 00:15:00

Seasonal Anime 00:54:55

I can’t believe its a Light Novel Title 01:22:40

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