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Episode 6 – What Makes a Franchise Special

Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 6! Paul, Nate and Tim dive into some news before talking RE: Zero Season 2, Food Wars and Fruit Basket as Tim shares with us one of his favorite shows from last season before diving into what makes a Franchise stand out and why they succeed! 

This week, we found out that the Shaman King Manga has been indefinitely delayed and My Hero Academia is getting a new 2 part OVA come August 15th as well as Fate Grand Order’s movie has been moved to December 5th!

We start this episode by talking all about the rest of this season’s hit shows that we haven’t covered so far, RE: Zero Season 2, Food Wars and Fruit Basket and what they have to offer this season! Then we take a dive into how the Fate series got its start and what made it so enticing and why it turned into a franchise and what it and other franchises have that allows them to succeed! 

Thanks for taking this journey with us!  

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