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Episode 15 – The Return of Slap Ft. @Im_Slap

Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 15! We’ve brought Slap back into the Tower as we’ve finally had some time with the Summer 2020 lineup so we’re here to talk all about the ending of Spring 2020 and our opinions on the series and what we’re looking forward to in Summer 2020! 

We take a moment to talk all about Re:Zero and Subaru’s character change, the incredible episodes of Misfit at Demon King Academy, & Mappa’s handling of Webtoon’s God of HighSchool and how the ending of Spring 2020 made us feel! 

Then we take the leap into Summer 2020 and we talk all about the newest hot shows, Jujitsu Kaigen, Noblesse and more! 


Thanks for taking this journey with us!

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