Rare Drop Co

May 27, 2020

E144 – Pasqually’s Horse Milk

Rob, Pete, Mike, and Kevin alienate their audience by discussing New York pizza, chocolate storage, and how to milk a horse.

0 hr 57 min
February 21, 2020

E137 – Clicks McGee

Mike is back and he found Rob! They get to brass tax on how a new WoW guild was made, game addiction, game changes/remasters, a coincidence with Mike and Tentacles, Kids and dinner.

1 hr 02 min
January 21, 2020

E136 – I got a fever

Kevin and Mike talk about Getting old, Getting sick, drinkin’ and smokin’, Bad Dates, What is love, baby don’t hurt me.

0 hr 35 min
January 17, 2020

135.5 – Mike is back

Mikes back to tackle what you want him to! Things like The Golden Globes, Call of Duty and other gaming woes, Final Fantasy, New MMO’s, Pokemon & More! OOOOO! Mike calls Tim out too.

0 hr 53 min
December 29, 2019

135 – Exposure Bux$

Kevin and Mike have survived the holidays and dock about Artist Exposure, Internet Burnout, Star Wars Battlefront, Witcher on TV, Game Awards

1 hr 03 min
February 27, 2020

E138 – Philly in the Premiere League

Mike and Kevin talk about coaching Little League Tee Ball, the start of the XFL, and what it would look like if American football took the promotion/relegation system from association football.

0 hr 54 min
April 23, 2020

E143 – The WRS Hanksgiving Day Parade

Pete, Mike, Rob, Wayne, and Kevin are all together to determine the greatest movie ever made with America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks.

1 hr 36 min
April 15, 2020

E142 – The Zombie Movie Bracket

Mike, Pete, Rob, and Wayne tackle another tournament filled with difficult decisions as they decide which zombie movie is the greatest ever made. It’s not actually double elimination, you just have to kill them twice.

1 hr 13 min
April 7, 2020

E141 – The Sci Fi Bracket

Wayne, Mike, and Kevin talk about COVID-19, Tiger King, and determine the greatest science fiction movie of all time.

1 hr 15 min
March 23, 2020

E140 – The Fast Food Battle Royale

Wayne, Rob, and Cam talk about living in quarantine and work their way through the ultimate fast food bracket. If you want to finally know the definitive answer of which fast food is best, you’re in the right place.

1 hr 40 min
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