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August 31, 2020

Ancient Relics and Hokey Religions – Episode 1

We begin our campaign in Wildmount: Ancient Relics and Hokey Religions! Join Jake and Josh of JNJtabletop, Michael, Izzee, and Evan as they guide you through a magical journey and hopefully teach you a bit about how to get started in tabletop roleplaying.

2 hr 48 min
March 3, 2021

Reckoning Hour – Kaldheim – Episode 24

CaptainRoBear, Paul (I_Love_Mundays), Reck (Reck1568), Riley (rileyhotsauce), Becca (@BeccaGodsey) and Mudcat (@MudcatTV) continue their adventure traversing the Realm of the Gods!

3 hr 38 min
August 26, 2020

Reckoning Hour – Episode 1

Welcome to Rare Drop Roleplay! In this episode we get started as our dungeon master CaptainRoBear guides Alex (Omniwaffle), Paul (I_Love_Mundays), Reck (Reck1568), and Riley (rileyhotsauce) through the treacherous land of Faltura.

3 hr 50 min
March 1, 2021

Ancient Relics and Hokey Religions – Episode 21

Jake, Josh, Michael, Izzee, and Evan talk about character creation and why it's so important, and then jump back into their adventure, exploring a temple they found in the underdark!

2 hr 55 min
October 22, 2020

Rare Drop's Bizarre Adventure – Episode 5

Join Teawrex, Meat (ProfessorBroman), Azrael (Darkness429), Ne'era (SchviftyFive), and Raithen (Omniwaffle) for mysterious masks, powerful punches, and beastly burninators!

3 hr 00 min
September 10, 2020

Rare Drop's Bizarre Adventure – Episode 0

Dungeon Master Teawrex guides the players through creating their characters for Rare Drop's upcoming campaign. Meet Meat (ProfessorBroman), Azrael (Darkness429), Ne'era Badcocke (SchviftyFive), and Poth Sludd (KingGothalion)!

1 hr 03 min
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