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April 10, 2020

#AskBroman THROWBACK: Episode 11 ft. BigCheeseKIT

This week is a throwback for The Broman Podcast as we go back two years to when Broman and BigCheeseKIT discussed authenticity, charity, and the importance of being open.

1 hr 07 min
April 17, 2020

#AskBroman 107 ft. MarketTradersTV

Broman discusses stock market trading and how it’s been affected by the current pandemic with Mike and T3mpoz from MarketTradersTV.

1 hr 07 min
April 24, 2020

#AskBroman 108 – Viewer Q&A

It’s been far too long, so this week ProfessorBroman is having another Q&A session with live viewers and listeners. We discuss mental (and physical) health, TV and movie recommendations, and how to get started at the ground level of streaming.

1 hr 45 min
May 1, 2020

#AskBroman 108.5 – Going Through Sudden Transformation

This week Broman is sharing some brief thoughts about sudden change and what helps him make it through. Unexpected transformation can be extremely taxing on our mental health, especially when we’re forced to undergo it apart from one another. Stay safe and healthy and be good to each other.

0 hr 11 min
May 15, 2020

#AskBroman 109 ft. Kings Coast Coffee Company

This week Broman is back to talk to Pete and Wayne from Kings Coast Coffee Company to get some behind-the-scenes info and learn more about the pressure to consistently innovate.

2 hr 26 min
April 3, 2020

#AskBroman 106 ft. Akira the Don

Broman talks with Akira the Don about music, inspiration, and why you should focus on the systems and not the goal.

1 hr 10 min
March 27, 2020

#AskBroman 105 ft. GamerDoc

Broman and GamerDoc talk about what it’s like as a medical professional who has a passion for gaming, how to adjust to self-quarantine and working from home, and the science of exercise.

1 hr 15 min
March 13, 2020

#AskBroman 104 ft. Omeed

Broman and Omeed talk about how to navigate the streaming space, how to communicate more professionally, and how to set yourself up in the short term to reach your long-term goals.

1 hr 40 min
March 6, 2020

#AskBroman 103 – Time for Q&A

Broman talks about mental health, cryptocurrency, and reveals a special leak about an upcoming giveaway!

1 hr 17 min
February 28, 2020

#AskBroman 102.5 – Change

Broman talks about how you can visualize change to help make it more manageable and attainable.

0 hr 12 min
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