The Broman Podcast 152 ft. Mike Botkin – Content Creation Is Worth It


This week, Ben is joined by Mike Botkin, Producer and Content Creator, to talk about production, his time in the industry, and how content creation provides you with real skills that are beneficial to production. 


0:00:00 Intro          

0:01:39 Who is Mike          

0:07:25 Working for Optic          

0:10:18 How Mike Assesses A Community’s Voice In Esports          

0:14:44 Initial Goals as a Brand          

0:16:44 Tips & Tricks for Improving Sponsored Content          

0:22:04 Time Investment Will Pay Dividends          

0:23:15 Mike’s Favorite Content He’s Created          

0:34:29 Transferrable Skillsets for Creators          

0:38:20 What Can You Do? What Are Your Skills?          

0:40:04 Mike Getting into Streaming          

0:44:56 Wrapping Up          

0:47:39 End