The Broman Podcast 150 ft. Rukari Austin


Ben (@ProfessorBroman) sits down with Rukari Austin (@rukizzel) to breakdown his hosting secrets, protecting your energy, and why they’re excited about GCX 2022 (@gcxevent).

0:00:23 Intro  
0:02:48 What Got Rukari Into Hosting  
0:07:48 Hosting Qualities  
0:11:48 Dealing with Celebrities  
0:15:33 Being On & Getting There  
0:19:28 Protecting Your Energy  
0:23:33 Different Styles & Authenticity  
0:28:58 How to Stay Authentic  
0:31:48 Listening to Feedback  
0:35:18 Prepping for Live vs Pre-Recorded  
0:37:48 How We Got to GCX  
0:45:28 Why Rukari is Excited for GCX  
0:46:33 Reflection – What’s Next?  
0:50:48 Enjoying Where You Are  
0:56:23 The Ebb and Flow of Travel
0:58:48 Wrapup

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